• Are you saving for your dream but do you know inflation is wiping our all your effort?
  • Your expenses will increase as price of all products will go up(inflation) and worth of your saving will fall due to inflation and tax
  • Investing in equity market will protect you from inflation and tax. Though in short term it may lead to loss but in long term there is high probability that returns will be positive from equity

You need not be wealthy to be an investor…
But you can be wealthy if you are a investor!!!



  • START INVESTING EARLY – There is no good or bad time to start a SIP; only right time to start is NOW!!!
  • INVEST IN RIGHT ASSET CLASS – Its very important to choose investment asset whose objective is same as yours
  • SAVE REGULARLY – Little drops full the bucket… saving regularly even small amount can give lump-sum money in long term.


Systematic Investment Plan


  • Disciplined Savings: SIP keeps involving investors to contribute an amount to the pool at regular intervals. This keeps investors more disciplined in their approach.
  • Risk-free Timing: SIPs are based on Rupee Cost averaging. It removes the element of timing the market from investing. By investing in regular schedule the advantage of market dips without worrying when they will occur can be en cashed .
  • Compounding Effects: SIP helps getting compounding benefit. Those who start early get the maximum advantage
  • Reduces the average cost of investment: It helps in tapping the tops and bottoms of a stock market, thus, average out the cost per unit.
  • Tax Benefit: The long term capital gain tax^ implied on Equity Mutual fund is lower comparative to Debt oriented products like FD, RD etc.
  • Time value of money: SIP returns can meet up the raised cost of your dream in future. So that you can meet up them with current saving.

Small Is Powerful