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Our broking segment helps in both offline and online mode. We have dedicated dealer and advisors for all our client for faster execuation. The team is always available to assist you. In the world of technology we are also equiped with artificial intelligence and robotic trading strategies. This can also be done with tailored mobile application for both traders and investor.


Our clients have 24*7 access to their portfolio, market watch, news updates and trading ideas with the help of mobile application.


Equity market is the ocean of opportunities no matter who you are; A Trader or An investor we are there to serve you with a personalized approach. We are fortunate that we are a part of one of the fastest growing economy in the world and the best place to encase this opportunity is equity market as we have more than 5000 listed companies. All we need is discipline, knowledge and patience.

For the traders, personal trained dealer and advisor is just a ring away. We provide constant support. We also have advanced support systems where they can use algorithms and robotics for their trading.

“Everyone has the brain power to make money in stocks. Not everyone has the stomach.”
Peter Lynch


Currency market is open 24 hours around the world and attracts more than $5 trillion daily volume. On the Indian exchanges (NSE & BSE) we can trade in USD to INR, EUR to INR, GBP to INR, JPY to INR, EUR to USD, GBP to USD AND USD to JPY.

Currency derivative segment is widely used by importers and exporters to hedge their foreign exchange risk. We specialize in helping the corporate to reduce their hedging cost by helping them to take the critical decision like when, where and how to hedge based on the market dynamics. Being one of highest volume generators, the currency derivatives segment also attracts the traders and speculators with high liquidity, volumes and low cost of trading.